4 reasons to play sports with your kids every day!

20 November 2020

Playing sports with your children: 4 good reasons to do it every day!

Children need to expend their energy to be physically fit and sleep better. Since you are young parents in mind and body, put yourself out there too! Play sports with your children!

Our 4 good reasons

Do you have a very busy family schedule? Between your little brother’s first swim lesson and your big sister’s second, are you having trouble keeping up? Because then you’ll have to take them to judo and dance? Rejoice! It’s better than staying all Wednesday afternoon in front of the TV.

1. Playing sports with your kids to keep the energy up!

We are all big kids who need to spend time outside the office. Despite long days and overexcited children at home, find the resources to turn bad fatigue into good fatigue. Play sports with your children!

This boost in energy can help parents be more productive and focused throughout the workday. It’s great for your mental health.

Check with your doctor to make sure you are physically fit to go for walks around the house together, ride your bike in the back seat to get bread from the bakery, or swim with your children in the nearest pool.

2. Playing sports with your children to combat family stress

Children may feel fatigue and stress from school, and thus be contagious to concerned parents who are themselves overwhelmed by their work. How to get out of this vicious circle? Exercise!

Pack your bags on Saturday night to go swimming with your family on Sunday morning!

Swimming is as effective as yoga and meditation for relaxation, and most importantly, children love water.

Everyone will have a great time, and you can be sure that you will all fall asleep like babies.

3. Give confidence!

Teaching your children to take care of their bodies is an important step in galvanizing their self-esteem. Because
trust is essential in order not to generate psychological blockages.

Always tell them that they are capable
. This is an opportunity to teach them how to learn from their failures and to tell them how proud you are of the efforts you have made.

4. Playing sports and learning to be safe

Being active as a family is naturally fun.

But many activities, such as walking or swimming, require safety guidelines that your child will need to follow on a daily basis to stay safe.

Turn over on your back, kick your legs and reach the edge of the pool to save yourself.

Cross the crosswalk, looking left and right to see if any cars are coming, and wait until the man is green to enter the lanes.

All of these instructions and activities will keep the whole family safe, and allow you all to live longer and happier.



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