AquaBike Zen

AquaBike Zen combines the gentleness of soothing movements with the invigorating power of water. Designed to relax while sculpting the body, it's the perfect aquatic experience for those looking for the perfect balance between relaxation and fitness.

When gentleness meets efficiency

45min course

600 calories

High intensity

Immerse yourself in 45 minutes of gentle pedalling, enveloped in the serenity of the water. Thanks to bikes adapted for an aquatic experience, AquaBike Zen guarantees an accessible and enjoyable activity for everyone, whatever their age or physical level.

AquaBike Zen is the answer for those who want to combine relaxation and efficiency. It gently helps to sculpt the legs, tone the body, improve blood circulation without pressure and offer a moment of pure zenitude at every session.

Where can I take lessons?


  • Gently shapes the muscles, particularly the legs
  • Promotes calmer circulation
  • Benefits from the massaging and relaxing effect of water
  • Smoothes and softens the skin, reducing tension and stress

Where to take AquaBike Zen lessons

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