AquaBiking combines the benefits of cycling and water to tone the legs, improve circulation and boost cardio fitness. It's a refreshing pedalling session, open to everyone!

A complete workout for tenfold benefits!

45min course

600 calories

High intensity

45 minutes of intensive pedalling immersed in water. It’s a fun experience, taking place on specially designed water bikes, making the activity open to everyone.

AquaBiking is the perfect Aquasport session to stimulate the whole body. It aims to sculpt the legs, refine the figure, boost blood circulation to reduce the orange peel effect, strengthen the muscles of the lower body and offer an invigorating feeling of well-being at the end of each session.

Where can I take lessons?


  • Sculpts and strengthens muscles, particularly those of the legs
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Ensures effective lymphatic drainage thanks to the massaging effect of the water
  • Smoothes and firms the skin, reducing the orange peel effect

Where to take AquaBiking lessons

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