Aquatic awakening.
Save yourself.
Know how to swim.

With over 5,000 students in our classes every week, Swim Stars is the 1st national network for learning to swim.

Whatever course you choose... 3 good reasons to swim with Swim Stars

1. Simplicity

Courses can be purchased and booked online via our website or mobile app.


2. Flexibility

With Swim Stars, you can organize the way you want. In short, you can come whenever you like.


3. Quality

Lessons take place in small groups of students, with the coach in the water, in quality pools.


Swimming lessons for all ages and levels

Baby swimmer

from 6 months

The course enables babies and parents to experience water together: babies learn and have fun while gaining confidence and discovering the aquatic environment.


from 3 years

After learning to save himself, your child learns to swim and acquires the fundamentals: breathing, balance and movement.


from 16 years

Not afraid of water, or no longer? Learn to swim with total autonomy, safety and peace of mind, even when you’ve lost your footing!

My 1st swimming lesson for €20

Have you found the pool nearest you? All you have to do is choose the course you want and book your discovery course at a time that suits you.

To buy & book your lesson, click on the pool of your choice


1. Choose the nearest swimming pool


Swim Stars is present in several major French cities! Take advantage of the Swim Stars network to enjoy year-round quality swimming lessons in small groups in comfortable facilities.

2. Choose your course level


We have 4 levels of children’s courses that will enable children to discover and familiarize themselves with the aquatic environment. For adults, we offer 3 levels of courses that will enable you to become a seasoned swimmer and perfect your swimming techniques.

3. Buy your course


You can start swimming lessons whenever you like. Buy your discovery course now and book it right away!

*Remember to activate your geolocation to find the pool nearest you

Not all courses are offered at all pools. Make sure your course is offered in your pool.

They love their courses


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If you have any questions
about our swimming lessons?

You can start swimming lessons whenever you like. Buy your discovery course now and book it right away!

You can attend your child’s swimming lessons free of charge.

Admission to the swimming pool is included in the price of the course.

Once you’ve purchased your €20 Discovery Course, you’ll be emailed the complete procedure for enrolling in our courses.

The introductory course is €20.
Then there are two options: course cards or subscriptions.
Course fees vary from pool to pool.

To benefit from the family price, enter the code below when paying for your subscription or pack