Inspired by martial arts and boxing, aqua boxing uses fist-foot techniques. You wear a special pair of gloves in the water, and the music plays to a lively beat!

Are you ready to smash things up without getting hurt, in the pool, with the music blasting?

45min course

600 calories

High intensity

AquaBoxing is a toning activity inspired by the martial arts. It’s a form of body combat practised in water. The aquaboxer is equipped with special boxing gloves, and performs a choreographed routine in the water to music. It’s a complete sport that’s accessible to everyone!

Where can I take lessons?

Les bienfaits

  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Develop and/or strengthen breathing capacity
  • Gently tone the whole body
  • Improve blood circulation through water massage

Where to take AquaBoxing lessons

The Swim Stars application

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