Having a coach to teach my children to swim: our 3 advantages

6 December 2019

Why does having a coach to teach my children to swim make all the difference?

Learning to swim requires fun, effort and consistency. To give your children the necessary motivation and every chance to succeed, we believe that the accompaniment of a Swim Stars coach represents 3 main advantages

The 3 advantages of hiring a coach for my child

1. A coach to give you every chance to succeed

Swim Stars coaches will supervise your children during the swimming lesson. Our team is trained in the same pedagogical content and shares common objectives. The goal is to give your child every opportunity to learn to swim. We prefer small groups to involve all the children, with the coach in the water. By being present during the swim lesson, the parent can also observe our approach and use it as inspiration to adopt the right attitude.

However, being a coach is a job and the natural authority he or she has is necessary to pass on knowledge to your child. In the same way that you can’t become a school teacher, you can’t replace the coach. She is the only person he will listen to. Your role as a parent is to encourage and play with your child in the water so that swimming becomes a pleasure!

2. To listen and give confidence

The Swim Stars coaches have an essential quality which is listening. It is thanks to our benevolence and at the same time our requirement that we manage to retain our members. We want to get to know you better andaccompany your children in their life journey. To do this, we focus on the good atmosphere of the group to motivate the children, give them the smile and confidence they need to unleash their potential.

“You should always listen to the child if he is well with the coach”.

This is the pedagogical advice given by Emilie, Swim Stars coach, during an interview for the blog.

3. To have a pedagogical follow-up

Having a coach who knows your child well because he trains him every week is the key to progress. Indeed, thanks to the regularity and the pedagogical follow-up, your child will have an exponential progression curve. Then, when your little fish has reached a certain level of comfort and confidence, it may be worthwhile to change coaches.

Indeed, change can be beneficial because it can bring a fresh perspective to make you progress even faster. It is also a way to get the child out of his comfort zone. Because a new coach may have new requirements!

child and coach

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