3 good reasons to swim year-round with Swim Stars Swim School

9 December 2019

Swim all year round with the Swim Stars Swim School: our 3 good reasons

Year-round sports activity has many benefits for children and adults alike. Indeed, this is the case for example of swimming in the Swim Stars swimming school!

Reason 1: Swimming has many benefits

This activity teaches children and adults alike to be safe in the water, but also to keep in shape. Indeed, it allows you to let off steam and develop your endurance. On the other hand, swimming brings self-confidence, in addition to other psychological benefits. So why not make it a regular sport activity for the whole family and enjoy all these benefits?

Why swim all year round? Find our 5 good reasons!

Why swim all year round? Find our 5 good reasons!

Reason 2: Swim Stars Swim School is convenient!

To date, more than 30 swimming pools in Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux and soon Nice and Lyon! Indeed, our ambition is to come and settle closer to you.

But why Swim Stars rather than another school?

Because our swim school is simple. Buy and book online in a few clicks and up to the last minute.
Because it is flexible. Swim where you want, start when you want, change pools when you want.
But also innovative. Innovative course programs, certified coaches and 6-day-a-week customer service.
And above all, it is suitable for everyone. Wide range of prices and packages, course programs for all levels, national network of comfortable facilities.

Reason 3 : Swim Stars pedagogy is innovative

Swim Stars has developed innovative course programs with several learning levels, for children and adults, placing the coach in the water with the students in small groups. Children are no longer thrown overboard in a group of 10 to 15 little fish with red caps, waiting for the lifeguard’s pole like the messiah.

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What is the program?

BABY SWIMMERS for 6-36 months
Awakening and familiarizing oneself with water

AUTO-RESCUE® anti-drowning program from 3 years old
Learn how to save yourself by assimilating survival reflexes and basic swimming techniques

LEARNING from 5 years old
Know how to swim safely over 25m, develop autonomy and technique

PERFECTIONING, children’s classes
Learn and perfect the 4 strokes

And the adults? Because we don’t forget you. So choose swimming as your top sport of the year! Then join the Swim Stars Swim School!

Freedom from fear of water (aquaphobia)
Learn to swim
PERF, adult
Progressing and perfecting swimming

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