5 good reasons to swim all year round

26 January 2020

Why swim all year round? Our 5 good reasons!

Fall, winter, spring and summer… Learning to save yourself, learning to swim, conquering your fear of water or improving your skills are activities that take time. Indeed, it is much less efficient to learn to swim during the summer to be ready…during the summer! Apart from that, why swim all year round? We give you all the reasons to make it a regular activity.

The benefits of swimming, regardless of age or season

You can choose between a heated outdoor pool for swimming in the winter sun or an indoor pool. Snow or shine, swimming is an all-weather activity. So you have no excuse! The benefits are numerous and your objectives depend on you: relaxation, learning the technique and reflexes that save lives, getting back in shape, competitions…
We give you great reasons to stay motivated all year long, whether you are an adult or a child.

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1) Swim all year round to be safe in the water

From the shower to school swimming lessons to vacations at the sea, water is a very present environment throughout life. But water is also a dangerous and anxiety-provoking environment. Indeed, every year, many drownings are recorded. The first cause of death by accidents of everyday life in the under 25s, they also affect other age categories.

The best way to avoid them is tolearn how to save yourself and to learn how to swim, if possible from a young age. Baby swimmers, aquaphobic adults or beginners, anti-drowning courses from 3 years old, swimming techniques improvement… Courses are available for all levels. The word of a pro! You have to know how to read, write, count… and swim”, Fabien Gilot, Olympic swimming champion.

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2) Staying healthy

Swimming is a complete activity that uses all the muscles of the body, strengthens cardiovascular capacities and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is also important to know that sport in general, and swimming in particular, is an excellent medicine against diseases.
Swimming is an endurance sport that boosts the immune system by stimulating white blood cells (those that help fight viruses and bacteria). And water is also very beneficial for cleaning the ENT sphere and clearing the bronchi.

Swimming all year round is therefore ideal for building up shoulder muscles, strengthening the back, developing the rib cage, etc. And limit the arrival of microbes! In short, you gain health and lightness. But how do you choose a swimming class?

reasons to swim year round Swim Stars

3) Allow yourself time to progress

The number of swimming lessons required varies depending on the initial level and goals of the learner swimmer. No one learns at the same speed, but what makes the difference is the length of time it takes to learn and the consistency! Making progress takes time and consistency. While the first few sessions are often the hardest, keep the momentum going and celebrate each new step. And above all, have fun!

Whether the objective is to improve your skills, to overcome a fear of water or to teach survival reflexes to younger children, we recommend that you swim between 6 months and 1 year. And 3 or 4 classes per month to see the results faster. Find the pool nearest you and get started now!

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4) Fighting against pain

Swimming is a sport recommended by all health professionals. In fact, swimming does not cause trauma or impact from contact with the ground. In this respect, the aquatic environment offers a very interesting mix of floating, propulsion and movement. In the water, there is no risk of compression of the back discs and joint pain for example! A true health sport, swimming allows you to gently build up your entire body.

Because in this environment where you have to be in motion to stay out of the water and move forward, the body is in constant sheathing and all the muscles are used in a deep but gentle way.
Want to know which stroke works which muscles?

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5) Swim all year round…to feel good about yourself!

Swimming is a great antidote for depression and better sleep. Indeed, by mixing a playful environment and the benefits of effort in an aquatic environment, swimming activates the secretion of endorphins, hormones that help you feel good and sleep. Or how to combine stamina and appeasement!

Swimming, and sport in general, is therefore recommended for many reasons: it improves quick decision making, works memory and concentration, provides confidence and relaxation… This is true at all ages and even more so for the growing child. Sport and social development, why is it a good combo?

reasons to swim year round Swim Stars



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