6 tips for teaching swimming

30 April 2021

Teaching swimming: our 6 tips

Swim Stars presents you its 6 pedagogical tips to teach swimming to children! Hurry to discover them.

Tips for teaching swimming Swim Stars

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You will also find

advice on how to learn to swim

from our partner Decathlon.

“Learning to swim is going to involve one thing: being comfortable in the water.

If you have the possibility, we advise you to wear a flotation belt. For safety reasons, we also recommend that you have another person present.

We will divide the first contact with the water into two stages: first the contact of the feet and legs; then the contact of the hands and arms.

First of all, the contact of the feet and legs. Sit at the edge of the pool, on the shallowest side of the pool. Put your feet in the water.

Wiggle them around to get familiar with the feel of the water…”

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