8 reasons to love swimming

18 April 2021

Love swimming: our 8 reasons

Whether you like sports swimming or relaxing swimming, swimming remains one of the favorite sports of the French behind walking, with 39% of respondents according to a BVA survey in 2017.

8 good reasons to love swimming

1) Swimming is a sport suitable for all levels

Choose the water line in which you will give your best. Relaxation ? Board and pull buoy ? Fast swimming ? Fins and plates ? The shower? You may be an offline swimmer because you don’t like the rules… Enjoy your freedom!

Swimming pool

2) To swim is to be able to feel comfortable doing other aquatic activities

Are you tired of doing laps forever? You don’t even know where you stand anymore… Swimming is also about counting! But above all, it is the possibility to have the basics to feel comfortable in the water in order to turn to other aquatic activities. Swimming is followed by other very popular fitness activities: aquagym, aquabike, aquazumba or aquatrampoline, and so on.

happy women at the pool

3) You can remake the world with your friend

The group aspect of fitness activities in the pool may appeal to the talkative ones in the pool, while sport swimming is more individual, although teamwork can be essential. It all depends on your mood of the day and your goals.

Relaxing swimming with a breaststroke with your head out of the water, or kicking your legs with fins and a board, side by side with your friend, can be a great compromise!

youth swimming pool

4) Swimming is the sport to keep your figure

Along with cycling and running, still according to the 2017 BVA survey, swimming remains THE fashionable sport for those who want to keep their figure.

5) You will really sleep better at night

Why is this sport more effective than any other for keeping your figure? Precisely because it releases endorphins that are extremely beneficial for combating stress and sleeping better. The idea is not to fall asleep while swimming. You could be mistaken for a slow motion backstroke.

relaxed mermaid in the water

6) Swimming is not only a seasonal sport

It is a sport that you can practice all year round. Swim all winter long! With heated pools and the door or bay window properly closed at the bottom to avoid any crystallizing drafts, nothing can stop you from gliding across the water with love. However, if you don’t want to do sports in an enclosed structure, you can find outdoor pools that are heated all year round.

child gully water

7) Runners and cyclists can benefit from it

For runners and cyclists, swimming is a complementary sport to improve your performance. Develop your stamina and resistance to stress! By breathing every other stroke during a crawl, for example, and then gradually decreasing your breathing rate, you will expand your rib cage.

But do you prefer another sport in the winter, such as cycling or running?

Discover aquabike with our partners or attach a floating belt to your waist to run in the water for aquajogging!

Aquabike pool

8) Swimming saves lives

Swimming is about knowing how to swim. What better prevention than knowing how to swim to save lives? Don’t be afraid of water, tame it and love it!

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