Abandon plastic bottles? why not?

5 January 2022

Did you know that approximately one million plastic bottles are sold every minute worldwide and that most of them are not recycled? How many did you buy this week? How about switching to water bottles and other reusable containers?

Impacts on health and the environment!

Plastic bottles are having an increasingly negative impact on the environment manufacturing based on oil and resin, synonymous with waste of resources, pollution of seas and oceans and cause of a “a multi-million dollar slaughter of seabirds, marine mammals and fish, which has a major impact on our fisheries resources”. . In addition, their waste management is expensive.

3 alternatives to single-use plastic bottles:

  • The gourd: In stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum or plastic, the gourd is the best way to counteract plastic bottles. Endlessly reusable, they allow you to carry water to work, to school, on a walk, to sports, etc.
  • The glass bottle: Infinitely recyclable, glass is one of the few materials that do not contain any polluting and harmful materials.
  • The bottle made of sugar cane: Appearance since 2015 of bottles made of sugar cane, but also olive stones. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable.


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