Adopt the right reflexes at home!

5 January 2022

The figures are alarming: the production of household waste has doubled in 40 years and each French person produces more than 1 kilo of household waste every day. But fortunately, there is no shortage of keys for taking action on a daily basis. Here are our easy tips for reducing waste.

Learn to consume differently and better!

Many disposable products of daily use, such as paper towels or sponges, but also make-up remover pads or even plastic bottles, can be replaced by durable objects in order to reduce waste but also to make significant savings. Such as the purchase of washable wipes delivered in their PEFC box to store them and an organic cotton net to wash them. Made of ecologically friendly bamboo or organic cotton.

How to extend the life of your products?

Rather than giving in to the ease of fast decoration, what if you turned to second hand accessories, found on online flea markets or on Le bon coin. Don’t forget: the best waste is the one you don’t produce!

Sort and throw away less with the composting technique!

When preparing your meals, you will no longer throw your peelings in the garbage but in this container where worms will feed on your organic waste. At the end, a compost called vermicompost for your plantations and other vegetable gardens.


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