At what age should a child start yoga?

27 April 2021

At what age should a child start yoga?

The benefits of yoga for children are numerous. But the question is: at what age should we start yoga as children? The good news is that there is no real age limit, although for real yoga classes, the ideal is to start at the age of 3.

Children’s yoga from the earliest age: 0 to 3 years

No sooner has he joined our world than the child is already in motion and constantly on the move! In a totally unconscious way, from the first months of his life, the child adopts yoga postures in order to stretch or to find his balance. The child never stops playing with his flexibility.

This is why yoga for children from 0 to 3 years old consists mainly in helping and guiding them in their postures in order to maintain this flexibility and to help them focus on their breathing. The goal is to help baby relax!

By becoming aware of his body, yoga will allow the child to gain confidence in himself and will have a direct impact on his psyche.

Yoga for children from 3 to 8 years old

It is obvious that yoga for young children is different from yoga for adults. Based on simple postures revolving mainly around play, yoga for children is playful so that they can link the postures while having fun, so the activity is done around stories and sensory exercises.

Yoga for children over 8 years old

For children over 8 years old, yoga will be more structured. In fact, we will try to have the child execute the postures more precisely in order to tend a little more to the adult practice. Nevertheless, yoga for children over 8 years old will also be based on games so that they continue to learn while having fun.

Regardless of age, the first yoga exercises for children will focus primarily on breath control. The practice evolves over time, and children will learn postures and movements that will help them in self-control but always in a playful way.

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