At what age to register your child for swimming

6 December 2019

When is the best time to learn to swim?

Swim to become independent, and relieve parents! Learning to swim is necessary for your child, but when should you start?

There are several options to introduce your child to the aquatic environment, without belts, armbands or buoys, and prepare him or her for learning to swim.

When to learn to swim?

Whether your child loves water so much that he or she can jump into the pool at any moment, or whether he or she is more fearful, you can’t count the hours spent playing with him or her and watching him or her with a little anxiety about the dangers of water.

It’s time to give him the keys to being safe in the water and learning to swim!

From the age of 5, a child can learn to swim because he or she has the physical and mental capacity to learn the techniques of swimming. The good news is that survival reflexes and basic swimming skills can be learned as early as 3 years old! And familiarization with the aquatic environment as early as 6 months.

When is the best time to put your child in the water? From the earliest age!

There is no age limit for learning to swim. Conversely, the question often arises as to the ideal age to start learning. At what age should a child start swimming and what are the benefits?

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To be comfortable in the water from 3 years old

Your little “baby” is starting to put up a fight, wanting to get rid of the armbands, the buoy, the board, the paddles and the whole shebang, but you’re scared to death of the idea?

From the age of 3, a child is able to move around, learn the basics of swimming (breathing, propulsion, floating) and the reflexes of survival in case of a fall in the water.

Now is the time to enroll your child in the
Auto-Rescue® anti-drowning program
by professionals in a very small group, for a personalized and caring learning experience.

You may not realize it yet, but your child is already constantly looking for support in the water… Your little swimming star is already showing great courage by jumping into your arms from the edge of the pool.

Water in the eyes and nose will no longer be experienced as an insurmountable drama. Putting your head under water becomes a game, and it’s won!

The objective is toacquire, from a very young age, an aquatic ease.

When to learn to swim? We’ve got you covered from age to age here!

Learn to swim from 5 years old

The Auto-Rescue gives incredible keys to a child who wants to learn to swim and be independent for 25m.
In the courses

Learning (from 5 years old)

In this class, you will start learning the technical aspects of swimming (backstroke, backstroke, breaststroke).

Learning to swim, in addition to requiring physical and mental abilities, also requires being comfortable in the water; take advantage of the Auto-Rescue or Baby Swim classes!

Learning to swim requires physical and mental abilities (maturity, memorization, concentration, motor coordination of movements, spatial-temporal and physical references, balance…) which develop with age and also thanks to the first contacts with water. From the age of 5, a child can remain sufficiently focused and well synchronized.

And before 3 years?

As you can see, a child who is in contact with water from an early age will be comfortable in the water and will enjoy a smooth and pleasant learning experience. But at what age can you start lessons with your child?

From the age of 6 months, a baby can take part in
baby swimming lessons
to develop their awareness and familiarization with water.

We introduce baby to the pleasure of water without a playful and reassuring environment for this first discovery of the aquatic world!

Being safe in the water, but not only…

Familiarizing your child with water through age-appropriate swimming lessons will have many benefits, beyond the safety aspect.
Swimming is an activity, like many
extra-curricular activities
(maybe even all of them!) which reinforces the motor and psychic development of the child, his autonomy and his self-confidence. So very nice benefits to take with you for life!

when to learn to swim

There is no age limit for learning to swim. Conversely, the question often arises as to the ideal age to start learning.

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