AUTO-RESCUE® and children’s water safety in “Children and Life

6 December 2019

Active water safety for children and AUTO-RESCUE® in the magazine “L’enfant et la vie

Active water safety for children and the AUTO-RESCUE® program in Swim Stars pools are the subjects of the quarterly magazine “Child and Life”, Montessori magazine since 1969.

In the water: children are actors of their own safety

The site introduces the article:

“Sometimes we get caught up in the news. The terrible news of this weekend reminded us of this: a whole family drowned in a lake near Châlons-sur-Saône. Every summer, similar tragedies pepper the headlines of the regional daily press. Drowning is the leading cause of death among children under 15, causing 500 deaths each year.”

And to continue:

In our last issue (n°189), a lifeguard was indignant: In France, children are taught to swim very well, but they are not made aware of drowning. It’s true, knowing how to swim is not completely safe. Learning specific attitudes, techniques and gestures would be much more effective.

In our article‘In the water, children are actors of their own safety’, we relay three different approaches. One of them is the surprising one of the Netherlands, where water covers more than 18% of the territory. There, the authorities have carried out a real policy of awareness-raising: children learn, for example, how to get out of a canal if you fall in while fully clothed.”

The numbers speak for themselves:

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under 15 , with 500 deaths each summer. Yet, while adult supervision is essential, children, even very young ones, can work toward their own safety.”

An active safety program starting at age 3

The AUTO-RESCUE® program by Swim Stars in 2016 is for children ages 3-4. Thus, the goal of the program is to teach them survival reflexes in case of a fall in the water and the basics of swimming.

Swim Stars’ priority: to reduce the number of drownings every day by working to ensure that everyone is in control of their safety in the water through programs adapted to all levels.

Children's Active Water Safety and AUTO-RESCUE® - Kids & Life Magazine

Children's Active Water Safety and AUTO-RESCUE® - Kids & Life Magazine

“While supervision is essential, children can also work for their own safety.”

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“The child and life”

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