Bathing cap : how to choose ?

20 November 2020

How to choose your bathing cap?

The swimming cap is an essential accessory for learning to swim. Indeed, the cap will hold your hair for a freer swimming and guarantee a better hygiene. Several materials and sizes exist, that’s why we wanted to give you some useful tips.

What is the best material for my swim cap?

The fabric bathing cap

The material is pleasant because it does not pull the hair. On the other hand, you can lose your cap in spite of yourself, during a dive for example or a swimming turn. This cap is ideal for children who are learning to swim for their first swimming lessons, while silicone is the preferred choice for older children.

In silicone

The material is pleasant since it comes to be posed delicately on your scalp. Indeed, the silicone bathing cap comes well positioned on your head which is perfectly maintained and does not pull the hair.

Be careful not to tear it!

This type of cap is also very resistant and adapted to an intensive swimming with diving start and swimming turn. Perfect for students in advanced swimming lessons. It is also the cap adapted to adults.

For the big kids, get them the silicone shark hat with fin. It doesn’t mean you’ll get there any faster, but at least you can show off to your friends.

In latex

It is a difficult material because it clings and pulls the skin. Avoid latex at all costs to save your hair!

In frou-frou?

For those who love elegance, the Frou-Frou vintage-style hat is also made of fabric with a plastic lining and a latex headband.

Discover an original way to put on a bathing cap!

What’s next?

As soon as you have chosen the hat, there are still the glasses and the swimsuit. Fortunately for our occasional or regular swimmers, we recommend the right all-around swimming gear!

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