Children’s Yoga: Why encourage them to practice

13 July 2022

Children’s Yoga: Why encourage them to practice

Yoga aims to balance body and mind. An ancient activity combining postures, breathing and relaxation, yoga can be practiced by anyone at any age, even children! So we explain the importance of yoga for children.

Indeed, the benefits of yoga for children are numerous, both physically and psychologically, which is why it is essential to integrate this activity from an early age. A short overview by Dynamite Yoga.

Children’s yoga promotes physical and mental development

Yoga favors the coordination of movements and allows to become aware of one’s body. In children, it contributes greatly to their development, particularly in the awareness of their motor and cognitive abilities. Through yoga, your child learns to know himself, to relax, and to better concentrate.

We live in a fast-paced world that can be stressful for young and old alike. This is why children’s yoga is a good tool to help them manage their stress and emotions.

All the benefits of yoga for children

At Dynamite Yoga, we have listed 6 major benefits of yoga for the little ones (which we invite you to read more about here):

Connection of the body and the head

Social skills development

Improved sleep

Stimulation of cognitive functions

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Learning determination and perseverance

That’s why, in order to make the most of these benefits for the children, we have designed our courses in a fun and dynamic way. In fact, at Dynamite Yoga, we make sure that our classes are as playful and fun as possible for the children. Based on themes that speak to most people, our children’s yoga classes consist of exercises and games around animals and objects that can be practiced from a young age.
These courses are open to all and require no previous experience.

Children’s yoga can be practiced from a very young age

As we explain here, children’s yoga can be practiced from the age of 3. Yoga classes for the little ones will obviously not have the same form as for the older ones but the advantages and benefits will be the same. For younger children, it is about providing a soothing environment in which they feel they can thrive.

Strengthening the bond by practicing yoga as a family

Practicing yoga as a family is a real moment of complicity. But it is especially for the children, the possibility of practicing yoga in a reassuring framework and thus to let express their energy fully.

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