Coach Émilie : “you must always listen to the child if he is well with the coach”

28 November 2019

Pedagogy:“you always have to listen to the child if he is good with the coach

Émilie, sports coach for the first swim training network Swim Stars, takes part in the question and answer session and offers a “pedagogical” advice for parents.

Before Swim Stars

I was working in a small swimming pool in Franche-Comté. And today, in addition to Swim Stars, I am responsible for the pool in Reuil-Malmaison.

During Swim Stars

I give classes at Molitor in the pool of the 5 star hotel. It is really good for children because the steps allow them to enter the pool gradually. And kids can work on immersion with the super slide. But for those who want to do a carpet ride on the water, it is also possible!

Pedagogy in the water

I am really in my element. Clearly, I chose this profession because I love water and I love children! These are really my two passions combined into one. I pass on to them something that I have been doing since I was a child. Pedagogy for the little ones has always been at the heart of my work.

Your favorite sin

My favorite sin is Nutella! I have to not buy a jar of Nutella or I eat it like yogurt with a spoon in a week.

What do you think of the pedagogical approach of the SELF-CONSTRUCTION courses?

This is the solution we were missing in the swimming world. That would be my primary motivation if I were a parent. What’s more, they are taught the basics of swimming. And it’s possible from a very young age. Even when a child is very young and scared, I always find a way to reassure them to get them into the water. Indeed, the relationship of trust with the child is essential to achieve this!

What “pedagogical” advice would you like to give to parents?

Always listen to the child if they are comfortable with the coach.

The advantage of Swim Stars is that you can choose your classes and your coach . On the other hand, if the experience is not good, it is not a question of a good or bad coach, it is a question of feeling. Then you can change and try again! It is important to never give up because learning how to save yourself is fundamental.

Thank you very much Emily for this teaching tip!

So to summarize, all our coaches are trained to the Swim Stars pedagogy. The approach is to provide small group classes in a private and comfortable pool with the coach in the water. The presence of the coach is benevolent and reassuring to the children. It allows a quality supervision and a personalized follow-up for each child. It is an ideal formula to be accompanied, to correct and progress.

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