Coach Swann: “you should always bathe at the same time as your children”

9 December 2019

For everyone’s safety:“always bathe at the same time as your children

Swann, sports coach for the first swim training network Swim Stars, takes the time to answer questions and remind us of an important safety rule for everyone.

Before Swim Stars

I worked at Club Med as a lifeguard, then I stopped to move to Paris. Today, I work in a private pool in Versailles.

During Swim Stars

I came to Molitor to give lessons in the pool of the 5 star hotel. Then I was also a coach at the Villa Saint-Charles to teach Auto-Rescue classes. Finally, I supervised courses in Montparnasse, at the Stanislas College, in a beautiful 25 meter pool.

Safe in the water

It’s fun, but we don’t forget to work! It’s true that I’m a gambler and quite close to the children.

Your favorite sin

I love junk food, candy like the kids, and also baked goods, especially apple pie!

What safety advice would you give to parents?

Safety tip from Swann Swim Stars coach

To avoid drowning: “always swim with your children”.

Thanks for your safety tip Swann! Thanks to you, our little fish will always be safe!

But why is it important to remember this? Because parents can sometimes be lax in their vigilance.

At the approach of the summer, the government had communicated the following message “you hold with them, do not leave them of the eyes”.
France Bleu had listed the good reflexes during the summer 2020
Every year, there are more than 1000 accidental drownings in children under 25 years old.

Every summer, accidental drownings cause about 50 deaths among children under 13 years old. A lack of supervision is noted in one out of two drownings (source: Ministry).

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