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Common mistakes made by beginner swimmers and how to avoid them

2 August 2023

Every swimming beginner faces a unique set of challenges. These common mistakes, while natural, can be easily corrected with the right guidance. At Swim Stars, we specialize in adult beginner swimming lessons and are here to guide you.

Swimming beginner mistake #1: Breathing out of control

Breathing is fundamental to swimming. Many beginners hold their breath or breathe in a disorganized way, which can quickly lead to fatigue.

  • The Swim Stars solution

In our beginners’ courses, we gradually introduce breathing exercises. From lateral breathing in crawl to coordination in breaststroke, each step is designed to make breathing fluid and natural.


Swimming beginner mistake #2 : Excessive use of the arms

Overexerting your arms can lead to rapid exhaustion. What’s more, this can limit swimming power and efficiency.

  • The Swim Stars solution

We teach the importance of global swimming, involving both arms and legs. With exercises such as kicking and planking, our students develop balanced strength and endurance.


Swimming beginner mistake #3 : Tension and lack of relaxation

Fear or apprehension can lead to tension in the body. This rigidity can impede movement and make flotation difficult.

  • The Swim Stars solution

Our sessions include relaxation and floating exercises. By familiarizing themselves with the feel of the water and learning to trust their buoyancy, our students are able to release this tension.


Swimming beginner mistake #4 : Incorrect body position

Swimming with your head out of the water or with an arched back can not only slow down a swimmer, but also cause back pain.

  • The Swim Stars solution

We focus on posture from the very first lessons. Through alignment exercises and constant feedback, we help our students adopt a hydrodynamic position, reducing water resistance and increasing efficiency.


Swimming, as a skill, requires patience and practice. But with the right guidance, like that offered by Swim Stars, even common beginner mistakes can be easily overcome. Discover our unique approach by signing up for our swimming lessons for adult beginners.

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