Franchisee profile: Lydia Bomont in Toulouse Montaudran (31)

4 March 2022

“I needed to create something that made sense.”

Lydia Bomont, teacher, entrepreneur and mother of 3 children opened the #14 franchise in Toulouse Montaudran (31). A new project added to his active life, motivated by the desire to learn, to save lives and to help as many people as possible to be reconciled with the aquatic environment.

A passion for teaching

Swim Stars : Hello Lydia and thank you for your time. Can you tell us who you are, where you come from? What is your background?

Lydia Bomont: Hi, my name is Lydia and I practice as a teacher. I am the proud mother of three delightful children aged 9, 6 and 20 months. I was born in Paris, I built my life there, with my children and my husband. After that, we decided to change air and fly to the south of France, in Toulouse!

What I like is mothering, taking on challenges, deciphering mathematics, speaking several languages, not to mention vacations in Martinique and Guadeloupe. These islands have a special place in my heart because they are the native islands of my parents.

I started my career with linguistics studies, to specialize in distance learning engineering. So I worked as a project manager and e-learning designer. For 6 years, I had the opportunity to learn from developers, art directors, graphic designers, testers, translation agencies, recording studios and clients from various industries.

This experience enriched me enormously, so I decided to leave the distance learning program to devote myself to my childhood dream: to become a school teacher.

The Swim Stars coaches have reconciled me with the aquatic environment.

What made you want to join the Swim Stars adventure?

For a few months, I needed to start a project, to create something. I had several ideas, but I didn’t know how to put them into practice, or where to start to build my own business. In the meantime, I started adult swimming lessons with Swim Stars. At first, I was very afraid to swim when I had no footing, but the Swim Stars coaches reconciled me with the aquatic environment .

Joining the Swim Stars adventure was an obvious choice:

This project is part of my job since swimming is part of the learning process in school.

This ambition makes sense as it will allow me to actively contribute to reducing drowning.

This new adventure will allow me to testify to the fact that it isnever too late to overcome one’s fear of water and to propose solutions so that children and adults learn to swim, to save themselves and to save others.

An adventure that blends in with everyday life

What did you like or find interesting about the Swim Stars franchise model?

The flexibility of the Swim Stars franchise model is very interesting. Children and adults can start classes at any time throughout the year, schedule them according to their availability and learn to swim at their own pace.

Is it incompatible to undertake and keep time for your passions, your family, your loved ones?

It is not incompatible to undertake and keep time for your passions, your family and your loved ones .

At the beginning, it is important to take the time to assimilate the different aspects that the activity involves.

I brought my family into my new world and everyone found their place, even my youngest.

My oldest daughter is looking forward to the opening of the franchise so she can assist me.

After all, we are in a swimming school! What aquatic species would you be?

If I had to choose, I would be a herbivorous marine mammal, like the manatee. It is also a peaceful animal that does not appreciate cold water…just like me!

A final word?

First of all, I would like to thank the coaches who have accompanied me since the beginning.

I would like to thank the Swim Stars team for creating this intelligent concept that saves lives and gives many people the opportunity to regain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

I am extremely proud to launch the #14 franchise in Toulouse-Montaudran, and I thank Swim Stars again for giving me the opportunity.

Lydia Bomont, Franchise Director #14 in Toulouse Montaudran

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