Franchisee profile: Mathieu in Boulogne-Billancourt

21 February 2022

“Thanks to Swim Stars, I can finally combine work and passion.”

Passionate about the aquatic world since he was a child, Mathieu Maraio opened his Swim Stars franchise in Boulogne-Billancourt (92) near Paris. In an environment that he is passionate about, Mathieu is realizing a project that is close to his heart.

A life of travel punctuated by his professional life

Swim Stars : Hello Mathieu and thank you for your time. Can you tell us who you are, where you come from? What is your background?

Mathieu Maraio : My name is Mathieu, I’m 34 years old and I grew up in the Paris region.

My professional career started in the BSPP. Afterwards, I was a Paris fireman for 5 years, including 2 years as a specialist in aquatic intervention on the Seine. After this very formative and rich experience period, I decided to take off. My passion for freediving led me to the Philippines, where I went to be trained to become an instructor. During this period, I sailed to Asia during the western winter, and returned during the summer to work as a lifeguard on French beaches. I kept this pace of life for 3 years.

After these many trips, I returned to France to obtain my lifeguard diploma. I was motivated by the desire to share my passion for the aquatic world, to teach swimming to as many people as possible and mainly to children.

A passion that lasts

What made you want to join the Swim Stars adventure?

My journey with Swim Stars began in 2018, when I started teaching swimming and specifically the Auto-Rescue© program. I was quickly seduced by this learning system where the coach is in the water with the children. I appreciate the fact that fun and safety are at the heart of the teaching.

What I like is the possibility to be an actor in the fight against drowning.

What did you like or find interesting about the Swim Stars franchise model?

I was directly challenged when I learned that Swim Stars was developing its franchise system. What I like is the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur, working in an environment that I am passionate about, teaching swimming and being an actor in the fight against drowning.

From ambition to reality

Is it incompatible to undertake and keep time for your passions, your family, your loved ones?

In my opinion, the Swim Stars operation is the best opportunity in terms of flexibility, autonomy and freedom. Indeed, I am regularly travelling abroad to participate in freediving championships. This sport requires a lot of preparation and training time. It is essential for me to combine work and passion and it is finally possible thanks to Swim Stars.

After all, we are in a swimming school! What aquatic species would you be?

Without hesitation, a dolphin.

A final word?

I can’t wait to jump into the deep end and start this new adventure. It promises to be rich on a personal and professional level.

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