How to choose goggles that look like you?

27 April 2021

Swimming goggles: how to choose the ones that look like me?

Swimming goggles are essential to immerse yourself in the water without the chlorine burning your eyes!

The importance of swimming goggles

From the first length, we pray not to have this unfortunate trickle of water which always comes to infiltrate in an eye, and spoils our efforts from the start… What we want, they are good glasses, and glasses which resemble us! But then how to choose ? A little overview on the surface… and outside.

Our selection of the different types of glasses

Everyone’s glasses

It is the pair of glasses of Mr. everybody. Comfort guaranteed thanks to the silicone or foam seal in contact with your eyes. However, be sure to try them first! Cyrano could suffer from non-adjustable “bridge” glasses and keep a scarlet scar for life, or at least for 24 hours. To avoid sentences like “oh my, you’ve been to the hairdresser”, think of glasses with an adjustable “bridge” with 3 sizes: small nose, medium nose, large nose.

Zlatan glasses

pool glasses

They come from Sweden … and are as rough as Zlatan! They may surprise you by their lack of seal, and give you the appearance of an angry Swede, but they are foolproof…And with that, between us, you look like a pro!

Batman’s glasses

pool glasses

The swimming mask … You want to have a great field of vision in underwater superhero mode? Do you want to continue blowing bubbles with your nose? These glasses are made for you …

The mask of the Big Blue Bus

pool mask

The diving mask is not only reserved for your fishing activities in the Mediterranean… Swimming with a mask and snorkel requires a different effort because your mouth becomes the only free orifice capable of oxygenating you. For long-distance swimmers, adding fins becomes an unspeakable pleasure.

The Robocop suit

pool mask

But what is this? The full face mask!

Not recommended for children under 10 years old, this object from the future has been invented for your underwater explorations and aquatic excursions. We speak more precisely about practice of “snorkeling”. The practice involves important rules that Decathlon reminds.

This mask provides a true experience of freedom.

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