Is it possible to participate in the baby swimming class with “yo-yos”?

30 April 2021

The “yo-yos”: can we participate in the baby swimming class with them?

“Diabolos” and “yo-yos” are the usual terms for transtympanic aerators, which artificially ventilate the ear through the tympanic membrane.

Using yo-yos

In practice, the shower can be taken normally and swimming is allowed, provided that the head is not under water. Otherwise, water may enter the ear through the aerator. For more security, many protections exist: plugs, headbands… They protect against water projections but do not guarantee the absence of penetration in case of immersion of the head.

The continuation of the activity, in spite of the deprivation of the possibility of putting the head in water is interesting. It avoids a break and allows the child to continue to enjoy the benefits. He will be able to experience the movements, the floating, the balance, share playful moments with parents and other children.

child parent laughing pool

To know everything about swimmer’s ear and the solutions, we recommend this very good article from Santé Magazine.

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