Make rapid progress by creating your own swimming course!

28 April 2021

Make rapid progress by creating your own swimming course!

Want to take a swimming course to see your child progress quickly? Want to make him a champion before next summer? Do you want to create the right conditions for your children to succeed?

Progress quickly with a swimming course, it’s possible with Swim Stars!

Are you dying to go to the pool but don ‘t have enough time in your schedule?

Discover our swimming lessons

Indeed, whether it is the




program, regular and intensive practice is required to learn survival reflexes and become autonomous. But your child is still too young? Start with the baby swimmers.

Same fight for the adult courses with our



And if you simply want to improve your skills, it is also possible with the





Our advice for a successful swimming course!

By booking
several sessions per week, in one or more of our many pools, the student will be able to learn to swim quickly, 2 to 3 times per week!

Find our 3 advantages of having a coach to learn to swim.

Thus, you will have the possibility of taking and following the coach of your choice because our coaches can intervene in several swimming pools in the same sector.
You will also have the freedom to be followed by several of them.

But you are still unsure about the level of the course? Take the level test directly on our website.
During the first class, the coach can adjust if necessary.

How many swimming lessons to learn to swim?

Our instructions for use

To achieve this feat, we recommend that you

manage your reservations well

. Then
to direct you towards

no-commitment subscriptions or course packs.

Consult our instructions for create an account, purchase and book your swimming lessons in the pool of your choice!

We wish an excellent training course to all our little and big fishes!

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