Make the little ones swim with armbands?

6 December 2019

Make the little ones swim with armbands?

Swimming with armbands? Swimming with baby is a great time. But fWearing armbands can create a false sense of security in the water.

Baby doesn’t need a cuff

Not only is baby not safe from accidentally losing them while jumping into the water with both arms in the air, but it is go against what we want for baby. This means moving freely and having fun in the water through play in order to establish a relationship with the parent and to feel comfortable in the water.

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Swimming with armbands? Neither do the children!

Indeed, wearing armbands when you are old enough to swim is counterproductive! Because our body is able to float without an object. It’s a question of balance.

One of the first concepts we teach children is the starfish. This position simply consists in floating horizontally on your back. But why? To ensure the safety of the child in case of a fall into the water because the starfish frees the air voices and allows to call for help. This is what we learn in our


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Wearing armbands encourages an upright position! Indeed, to be able to move, float and learn to swim, only the horizontal position allows to acquire the fundamentals.

The testimony of a mother and writer of the blog Shivamama reports very well this first decisive experience of learning to swim. Not wearing an armband is the determining factor in this excerpt from the article “Teaching your children to swim or almost”.

Without an armband, they test the aquatic environment. They experiment and quietly understand the qualities and drawbacks of water. At their own pace. “If I put my head in the water, I can’t breathe. If I stand, I can’t move well. If I lie down, I float. And if I move my feet I move forward…”

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