My baby swimmer in a disposable or washable diaper?

24 August 2020

What outfit for my baby swimmer? Disposable or washable diapers?

In order to make the best choice of outfit for your baby swimmer, Swim Stars helps you find the perfect diaper for baby swimming lessons!

The best choice of outfit for baby swimmers

You’ve taken the plunge and chosen to enroll your child in baby swimming lessons! And if it is not yet the case,
here are 3 good reasons to do so

Now the question of the layer arises…

At Swim Stars, we don’t think there are any good or bad layers.

Because when you want a well-made diaper, a disposable diaper or a cloth diaper, a good waterproof diaper, you don’t always find the right person to talk to.

Themain objective, whether in the water or on land, does not change, it is always the waterproofing !

Our holding solutions

To achieve this, with or without a swimsuit over it, you have two options:

What to wear for my baby swimmer: disposable diapers

What to wear for my baby swimmer : the disposable diaper | Swim Stars

The disposable diaper is for the occasional baby swimmer and the moms who prefer the practical side, go hop, trash can.

What to wear for my baby swimmer: cloth diapers

What to wear for my baby swimmer: cloth diapers | Swim Stars

Cloth diapers are for the avid baby swimmer and moms with an ecological conscience and lots of courage.

You have the choice of bathing baby directly with the diaper, or adding a little swimsuit over it with one of his favorite heroes.

Baby on the potty

Baby on the Potty | Swim Stars

Let’s not talk about bare bottoms, because even if they are crunchy, it is forbidden in swimming pools.

So get your favorite diapers and dive into happiness

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