Organize my child’s activities

25 November 2019

How do I manage my child’s activities?

Extracurricular activities require a significant investment of time and energy from the whole family. Managing a child’s activities well is essential for your well-being, and theirs!

Manage my child’s activities…

…to keep the benefits

Extracurricular or co-curricular activities have
full of benefits
if they are carried out with pleasure, desire, benevolence and without excess. They contribute to the improvement of the relationship with oneself, with others, and therefore with the school!

In order for a child to get the most out of an extracurricular activity and to devote himself to it assiduously, the choice must take into account his tastes, his desires, his personality and his schedule to avoid overloading him.

But by the way, what are the benefits of an extracurricular activity?
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manage my child's activity

Extracurricular activities play an essential role in a child’s personal growth, self-confidence and social development!

What is the right balance between…

…encourage your child to be diligent and push them too hard to perform?

An extracurricular or co-curricular activity requires an investment of time and energy. Like us, a child may feel lazy and want to be tempted to spend time with his friends instead of going to his dance class for example! He may also feel like giving up when faced with a failure, a difficulty, a bad experience or because of the pressure he feels from those around him.

Our opinion

It is important to provide the necessary discipline to ensure that your child is engaged in the activity in a serious manner. Conversely, there is no point in demanding too much of a child during extracurricular activities. Putting unnecessary pressure on him to perform will dull his enjoyment.

  • They are encouraged in what they are doing and reassured that they can develop their skills and overcome any obstacles.
  • We communicate to know the possible problems encountered.

How to manage the activities…

…so you don’t let them weigh down your family life?

Everyone has their own activity and their own moment of pleasure and it’s great! But do you still manage to spend time with your family? A museum, a ski vacation, a hike, an afternoon stroll or simply cocooning at home… If you feel like you’re constantly driving a cab and don’t have time to relax with your family, it’s time to reconsider.

Our opinion

We try to keep a family balance so that the activity does not become a subject of collective conflict! If adding more activities to your free time is too much of a burden on your family’s daily routine, it may be necessary to take a break. Any reason is valid: a change of job, a special back-to-school period, a tight budget, a series of family obligations… The pause becomes beneficial the time to get back on the wheels.

  • We simply explain to the children that we will resume later, for the well-being of the whole family.

Is an extracurricular activity necessary? And if so, which one? And how to manage them? Let us help you see more clearly!

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