Paris, capital of swimming with 65 pools

2 May 2021

The capital of swimming is also Paris with 65 swimming pools!

The municipal swimming pools of Paris share their opening slots between the public, sports associations, and school groups. In total, 65 pools can be referenced.

65 pools on the counter

Paris has a total of 39 municipal swimming pools managed by the Paris City Council or by public service delegations (DSP) such as S-PASS, UCPA and VERT MARINE, as well as school pools which are reserved solely for learning to swim and are not accessible to the public.

Paris also has hotel pools (Shangri La, Ritz, Peninsula, Villa Majestic, Molitor, Mandarin Oriental…), fitness centers (CMG Sports, Cercles de la forme, Ken Club…) or private clubs (Lagardère, Cercle Inter Allié…).


Swimming pools in Paris

Swimming pools 1st district :

Suzanne Berlioux (1st)

Swimming pools 4th district

Saint-Merri (4th)

Swimming pools 5th district

Pontoise (5th)

Jean Taris (5th)

Swimming pools 6th district

Saint-Germain (6th)

Swimming pools 9th district

Georges Drigny (9th)

Paul Valeyre (9th)

Swimming pools 10th district:

Catherine Lagatu (10th)

Château-Landon (10th)

Swimming pools 11th arr :

Cour des Lions (11th)

Georges Rigal (11th)

Swimming pools 12th arr :

Roger le Gall (12th)

Jean Boiteux (12th)

Swimming pools 13th arr :

Dunois (13th)

Butte aux Cailles (13th)

Josephine Baker (13th)

Châteaux des Rentiers (13th)

Swimming pools 14th arr :

Didot (14th)

Aspirant Dunand (14th)

Swimming pools 15e arr :

Aquaboulevard (15th)

Armand Massard (15th)

Blomet (15th)

Emile Anthoine (15th)

Keller (15th)

La Plaine (15th)

René and André Mourlon (15th)

Swimming pools 16th arr :

Auteuil (16th)

Henry de Montherlant (16th)

Swimming pools 17th arr :

Champerret (17th)

Bernard Lafay (17th)

Swimming pools 18th arr :

Admirals (18th)

Hébert (18th)

Bertrand Dauvin (18th)

Swimming pools 19e arr :

Mathis (19th)

Rouvet (19th)

Pailleron (19th)

Georges Hermant (19th)

Swimming pools 20th arr :

Georges Vallerey (20th)

Nakache (20th)

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