SELF-RESCUE® Course: Magic Maman followed Louane

6 December 2019

Meet Louane during a SELF-RESCUE® class

Magic Mom magazine took a close look at the AUTO-RESCUE® course, an anti-drowning program. The report takes place in one of the swimming pools of the Swim Stars Saint-Charles network in Paris 15.

AUTO-RESCUE® is a course to teach children to save themselves before they learn to swim

Little Louane, 4 years old, showed all the progress made during her classes with her coach Alexandre Leclercq.
Olivier Chazot, the founder, comes back on the objectives of the program.

Teach children from 3 years old to:
1) jump
2) roll over on their own to float on their back and get to safety
3) kick their feet to get back to shore
4) get out of the water on their own

“With the AUTO-RESCUE® program, we have a 90% chance of avoiding drowning.”

The classes last 30 minutes in a small group with the coach in the water in quality private pools.

Discover our little fish Louane who trained hard this afternoon.

All the list of Swim Stars pools on the



Article and report realized by the journalist Chloé Thibaut, available on the website of Magic Maman

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