Should I go swimming with my child?

27 November 2019

My child is in the water: should I swim with him?

Should I swim with my child during his or her swimming lesson? No, your child is with the coach. But will you have to accompany him in the water?

Bathing with my child: the parent’s accompaniment depends on the course

If your child is enrolled in a Baby Swim class, then of course you can accompany him/her to do a set of exercises with the coach. These sessions allow a great opportunity to bond with your baby. Find our 4 tips for an unforgettable experience!

You want to prepare this event? Starting in the bathtub together can be a good idea… or a bad one, depending on Magic Mom.

If your child is enrolled in Auto-Rescue, Apprentice or Perf, then they will be alone with the coach. Our coaches always teach in the water and not from the shore. However, in Perf, the coach may have to get out of the water to correct the technique. Why is the coach almost always in the water with our kids? Here are the answers!

On the contrary, our parents are exempted from swimming but

their role is decisive in the pedagogy.

Finally, if the shape of the pool allows it, you can of course attend the class to encourage your offspring!

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