Swim Stars’ secret recipe for success

6 December 2019

Swim Stars’ success: the secret recipe

We hear it every day: “At Swim Stars it’s different.” Whether it’s from families, coaches, or partner pools, we take their statements to heart. We know they are not wrong. But it’s often something people have to experience to really believe.

The vision of Swim Stars

After all, how could a small swimming school born from a simple idea, “a rich, accessible and homogeneous offer of courses everywhere in France”, become in less than a year and a half, a real reference approved by many and relayed in many media ? Not only because of its 25 pools in several large cities, no. The answer is simple: it’shese are our values! To protect as many people as possible from drowning by teaching them to swim in a caring and fun environment.

For 4 years now, we have been connecting with great people like you!
You have shown great solidarity since 2020 and we thank you for that!

At Swim Stars, our people-based core values have defined who we are. And how we care about people. Indeed, we strive to live each day with these values and to convey them to all those around us.

Comfortable pools for quality lessons

We choose suitable and comfortable pools. Then we hire coaches and staff members who can act in accordance with our values. In every class, in every phone call to customer service and to pass them on to all our students, children and adults.

Our passion is teaching children and adults to swim, but it goes even further. Indeed, we want to have a positive impact on everyone’s life because we feel we have a mission. The one that the public service cannot take on alone.

Swim Stars is much more than swimming lessons : it is a human adventure that will be the foundation of your life, and we want to be part of it.

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