Swim Stars settles in Lyon (69) !

16 September 2021

Swim Stars swimming lessons are coming to Lyon in the heart of the city, for the safety of all the children of Lyon! It is in a superb heated pool of 15m long that the swimming lessons take place every week since August 28, 2021, in the confluence district in Lyon 2.

Swim Stars’ mission is to fight against drowning and to make sure that everyone is in control of his or her own safety in the water, all while learning in a fun and friendly way!

What courses are offered?

  • AUTO-RESCUE® from 3 years old
    AUTO-RESCUE® : an anti-drowning program whose objective is to teach children the right reflexes in case of a fall in the water, as well as the basics of swimming while having fun.

  • LEARNING from 5 years old

    A fun and playful program to teach children to swim so that they become autonomous as soon as possible.

  • AQUAPHOBE ADULT from 16 years old

    AQUAPHOBE: This complete learning program is a 12-step approach to providing the skills and techniques to overcome your fear of water and finally enjoy the pleasures of water.

  • BEGINNER ADULT from 16 years old
    The course is adapted to absolute beginners who wish to learn all the basics of swimming. It adapts to the level of each person thanks to a step-by-step progression.

How do the Swim Stars courses work?

  • Our coaches are in the water with the students and supervise small groups.
  • Classes last 30 minutes for children with a debriefing at the end of thesession, and 45 minutes for adults l

The best way to get started?

We offer a discovery class for 20€ so you can come and discover our classes and our pool!

All our courses can be purchased and reserved on our website.




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