Swimming would make you smarter!

3 May 2021

Is swimming a sign of intelligence?

Swimming would make you smarter. In fact, children who take swimming lessons at a young age perform significantly better than the average population in major developmental milestones, according to a study conducted by Griffith University*.

Learning to swim at a young age will make your child smarter

The study was conducted by Australian professor Robyn Jorgensen on a panel of 60 students randomly selected from schools across the country. Those who have been swimming since childhood have a higher IQ than those who have never been in the water.

An example of a major developmental milestone in a child’s life is easy separation from parents. Typically, a child will reach this goal in the age range of 3-6 years.

In comparison, a child enrolled in swimming lessons will reach the same stage by 19 months of age.
On average, the child will reach this stage 18 months earlier.

The chart below shows other important developmental milestones for the child.

graphic Swim Stars study

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!
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*Griffith Institute for Educational Research study conducted by Griffith University, USA in 2013.


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