The 3 benefits of swimming: swimming is good for all ages

3 May 2021

Swimming is beneficial for all ages

The benefits of swimming are numerous. Indeed, the absence of impact on the joints and back is one of the main benefits of swimming. Therefore, this sport can be adopted at any age.

What are the 3 main benefits of swimming?

– helps to develop the body and mind more quickly
– reduces stress, anxiety and increases well-being
– slows physical decline and improves posture

Biggest benefits of regular swimming according to a panel of parents:
For 12% of them, it improves weight control or loss.
15% have better motor reflexes.
27% improve their strength and flexibility.
39% improve their cardiovascular capacity.

How long should I swim to burn off 400 to 500 calories?
You have to swim for 1 hour.

In addition, swimming reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Discover also our 3 benefits!

It actually helps to extend life expectancy according to

the 6 benefits listed by our partner Decathlon.

“(…) A study conducted by “The international journal of aquatic research and education“on 40,000 men between the ages of 20 and 90, found that swimmers reduced by 50% the mortality risk compared to sedentary men and even compared to regular walkers and runners! (…) In addition, swimming has positive effects on many diseases: cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease and even diabetes.”

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