The AUTO-RESCUE® program on the LCI morning show

6 December 2019

LCI report: AUTO-RESCUE® in the morning show

In the LCI morning show of Pascale de La Tour du Pin, a report on the AUTO-RESCUE® program highlighted the Swim Stars coaches.

Focus on the AUTO-RESCUE® program

To prevent drowning, Roxane Maracineanu, the newly appointed Minister of Sports and former swimming champion, emphasized 3 extremely important points to prevent drowning:

1) the security of swimming pools
2) Supervision by parents and lifeguards
3) learning to become autonomous

Indeed, survey results (2018) by Santé Publique France show that drownings of children are on the rise.

“Drowning prevention strategies must be comprehensive. In 2018, children under the age of 6 actually accounted for 28% of accidental drownings and 9% of deaths. 44% of accidental drownings occurred at sea. 31% in pools of all types. 22% in rivers or lakes and 4% in other places (baths, ponds, etc.)” reports the survey.

Journalist Solène Chavanne took a closer look at the AUTO-RESCUE® program
program, which consists of a few sessions, starting at the age of 3, to learn how to save oneself.

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