The benefits of swimming in winter!

13 December 2022

4 benefits of swimming in winter

In winter, the temperatures drop, the cold season arrives, and we tend to neglect sports, mainly swimming. However, it is a sport activity with many benefits.

1- Work on your endurance by practicing swimming

Swimming is an excellent sport to work on your cardiovascular capacities, i.e., as the sessions progress, your heart is more efficient at rest, as well as during exercise. Gentle and practiced at moderate intensity, it is particularly beneficial over the age of 50, even for the most sedentary to regulate blood pressure. This is especially true for women approaching menopause.

But, younger and more athletic people will also find it a good way to continue to work on their cardio during the winter, when running or other outdoor endurance sports are less accessible or attractive due to low temperatures, rain, wind or snow. It is the assurance to keep your level all year long while giving your joints a break.

2- Boost your immunity!

In winter, we are more likely to get sick. However, by practicing an endurance sport like swimming, you stimulate your white blood cells which are then more operational to defend themselves against viruses and bacteria. Studies have also shown that playing sports reduces the frequency of colds.

One word of caution: dry your hair well before going out, because being cold makes us more susceptible to viruses and infections.

Finally, if swimming is not an absolute contraindication in case of a light cold without fever, think of the others and abstain at the beginning of the illness to avoid contagion!

3- Swimming to fight back pain

When you have back pain, you are reluctant to move. However, apart from major disabling attacks, sport is one of the best ways to avoid these pains. Swimming, by making the body weightless and freeing it from tension, is an excellent way to regain a taste for sports activity but also to build up your back and abs. Good posture and strong muscles are, in fact, synonymous with a healthy back.

The backstroke is the most appropriate stroke for back pain. Well practiced, it allows :

  • harmonious work of the back muscles
  • a development of the thorax with an increase in respiratory volume
  • a correction of the problems of curvature of the back

When mastered, the crawl is also to be preferred. Don’t hesitate to take a few classes to perfect your moves.

On the other hand, avoid breaststroke and butterfly, which tend to accentuate the lumbar arch – and that painful pinching feeling you get in your lower back.

4- Swimming to fight the winter blues

Grey weather and low sunlight often have a negative impact on our morale. Swimming is a great way to fight against the winter blues that make us feel tired, depressed and sometimes more anxious. In the pool, we are like in a bubble, disconnected from external worries. In addition, the somewhat repetitive aspect of the discipline allows a real letting go.

In addition, after 30 minutes of effort, the body begins to secrete endorphins (pleasure hormones) that cause a general feeling of well-being.

We come out of our session invigorated and more positive and with a “good” fatigue that allows us to sleep better and to be more serene.

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