Our advice on breathing properly when swimming

29 May 2023

Breathing is at the heart of swimming, playing a decisive role in both performance and comfort. Breathing properly when swimming is essential for all swimmers. At Swim Stars, we focus on breathing control, especially in our adult perf swimming lessons.


The importance of breathing properly when swimming

Optimal breathing not only supplies oxygen to the muscles, but also influences the swimmer’s buoyancy and rhythm.

  • Maintains energy and stamina

Breathing well ensures a constant supply of oxygen to our muscles, reducing fatigue. In our Swim Stars courses, swimmers learn to synchronize their breathing with their movements, ensuring efficient, energetic swimming.

  • Optimize flotation and balance

The way we manage the air in our lungs affects our buoyancy. At Swim Stars, we teach techniques for using the breath as a balancing tool, facilitating a better position in the water.

Common breathing errors and solutions

Poor breathing technique can hinder your swimming progress.

  • Holding your breath while swimming

This common practice can lead to a rapid build-up of carbon dioxide. At Swim Stars, our trainers teach the importance of exhaling gently underwater to ensure fluid breathing during each swim cycle.

  • Late, disordered breathing

Breathing in when you’re out of breath can throw your stroke off balance. Our classes emphasize rhythmic breathing, adapted to each swimming style, to ensure a regular, balanced stroke.

Breathing techniques for swimming

There are various ways to improve your breathing when swimming.

  • Out-of-water breathing exercises

These exercises help strengthen lung capacity and control rhythm. One common method is to inhale for three seconds, hold for two seconds, then exhale for four seconds.

  • Using breathing aids for swimming

Tools such as planks or pull-buoys help swimmers to focus solely on their breathing, without being distracted by arm or leg movements.


Breathing properly when swimming is crucial. This is an often overlooked but essential element for efficient and comfortable swimming. At Swim Stars, we’re committed to helping every swimmer perfect their breathing technique. Explore this transformation with our adult Perf swimming lessons.

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