Le dos crawlé est la nage la plus recommandée pour les débutants. Elle consiste en une alternance de mouvements de bras et de jambes tout en restant sur le dos. Cette nage est très efficace pour améliorer la posture et l'alignement du corps. Elle peut également améliorer la coordination des mouvements et la respiration. Cependant, cette nage peut être difficile à maîtriser pour certains et peut causer des douleurs au cou si elle n'est pas exécutée correctement. Swim Stars

The importance of taking swimming lessons from the start of the school year and throughout the year

29 August 2023

The summer of 2023 saw an alarming number of drownings across France, raising important questions about water safety and swimming lessons. Swim Stars, with its network of over 72 pools, emphasizes the absolute necessity of swimming lessons for children and adults. Swim Stars’ credo is simple but crucial: water safety. Knowing how to save oneself and how to swim are fundamental skills that everyone should acquire.

Why take swimming lessons?

Swimming lessons for children

Bébé Nageur from 4 Months
It’s never too early to introduce your child to water. Bébé Nageur” classes help establish your baby’s first contact with the water and develop his or her coordination and balance.

Auto-Rescue® from 3 years
Knowing how to save yourself in the event of a fall into water is an essential skill. Our Auto-Rescue® courses are specifically designed to teach children how to stay safe.

Apprenticeships from age 5
Learning to swim is a vital skill that should be acquired from an early age. Our learning courses are aimed at children from the age of 5.

Perf & Sauvetage from age 8
As well as swimming skills, knowing how to rescue someone in danger is just as important. Our “Perf & Sauvetage” courses are ideal for those looking to improve their skills and learn rescue techniques.

Swimming lessons for adults

Aquaphobic from age 16
Fear of water is a serious obstacle for many adults. Our “Aquaphobe” courses will help you overcome this fear.

Beginners from age 16
Becoming self-sufficient in the water is crucial. Our beginners’ courses teach you the basic skills you need to feel confident.

Adult Perf from age 16
If you already know how to swim but would like to improve your skills, our “Adult Perf” courses are for you.

As we head back to school, and in light of this summer’s tragic events, it’s crucial to make water safety a priority. Whether you’re a parent of a young child or an adult looking to conquer your fear of water, Swim Stars has a course to suit your needs. Don’t put off until tomorrow what can save lives today. Take a swimming lesson now and make this skill a permanent part of your life.

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