Top 5 actors in swimming to overcome the fear of water or aquaphobia

24 August 2020

The top 5 actors of swimming to overcome the fear of water or aquaphobia

Aquaphobia, or hydrophobia, is an unreasonable and chronic fear of water. Indeed, suffering from aquaphobia implies an uncontrollable level of fear for the individual, likely to interfere in his daily life. Discover the top 5 organizations that can help you overcome your fear of water, at any age!

Overcome your fear of water

There is no imminent danger in the water of an ocean, a pool or even a bathtub.
However, boating, swimming or deep-sea swimming are leisure activities that aquaphobics will never agree to, even if they can technically swim. Indeed, the fear of being splashed by surprise or being pushed into the water contributes to this general anxiety.

Where does the fear of water come from? What solutions? How and why do swimming lessons work?


There is no age to learn how to be comfortable and safe in the water! For this reason, several schools in France offer swimming lessons for adults to regain confidence in the aquatic environment.

How many classes does it take to overcome a fear of water?
It depends on each person, your phobia and your regularity!

adult swimming lessons overcome fear of water Swim Stars

Overcome your fear of water, or aquaphobia, with swimming lessons, it’s possible! Choose from our top 5 specialized organizations.

Our top 5: the must-haves to overcome your fear of water

  1. Swim Stars

Swim Stars Swim School offers Quality lessons in private facilities, in small groups and with the coach in the water. In addition to courses for children of all ages, the school offers courses for aquaphobic adults and advanced beginners from 16 years old.
Swim Stars courses are held in several cities in France.

Swim Stars swimming lessons
– 45min class in small groups of 6 students with the coach in the water
– Online purchase and reservation
– Year-round registration

Swim Stars swimming pools

Paris 3 (Réaumur), Paris 6 (Montparnasse),Paris 9 (Opera), Paris 11 (Charonne, Oberkampf), Paris 12 (Nation), Paris 13 (Italy), Paris 15 (Saint-Charles, Porte de Versailles), Paris 16 (Molitor, Auteuil, Porte de Saint-Cloud), La Défense (92), Montrouge (92), Saint-Maur La Varenne (94), Le Bouscat-Bordeaux (33), Nantes (34)…
The whole list here.

Where to find Swim Stars Aquaphobic Adult classes
Paris 11
(Oberkampf), Paris 16 (Porte de Saint-Cloud), Paris 13 (Italy) or even in Bouscat in Bordeaux.

To find the pool nearest you, visit the

interactive map

(filter by course level).

What happens next? After overcoming your fear of water, you can move on to the “

Adult Beginner

“to learn how to swim safely and independently even when you have lost your footing, and to “

Adult Perf

“to improve your skills!

For more information and to come and do a discovery course:

adult swimming lessons overcome fear of water Swim Stars

For more closeness and friendliness, Swim Stars classes for aquaphobic adults are held in small groups with the coach in the water.

2. The foot in the water

The association Le pied dans l’ eau has existed since 1982 and also offers courses for adults in 3 public swimming pools in Paris with aquaphobia, snorkelling and snorkeling courses.

Swimming lessons with your feet in the water
– For adults and teenagers from 14 years old, lifeguard in the water
– Large group, 25m pools
– Training formulas: 1 weekend (2 days, 10 hours), evening (2 hours, 1 evening per week), warm sea (1 or 2 weeks stay).

Where to find courses for adults
Piscine Mourlon
(Paris 15); Piscine Collège Stanislas (Paris 6), Piscine Saint-Merri (Paris 4)

More info on :

adult swimming lessons overcome fear of water Swim Stars

Adult classes are suitable for anyone who has a fear of water, no matter how intense that fear is.

3. Archimedes

Not to mention the Archimède association which also offers a course entitled “Fear of water” for adults who are very apprehensive and who lack reference points in the water . The courses take place in several municipal swimming pools in Paris.

Archimedean swimming lessons

– Group of 12-15 students, swimming instructor in the water
– Yearly or quarterly registrations and courses during the school vacations

Where to find classes for adults

Piscine de la Grange aux Belles (Paris 10), Piscine Marché Saint Germain (Paris 6), Piscine Armand Massard (Paris 15), Piscine Aspirant Dunand (Paris 14), Bassin école du Stade Elisabeth (Paris 14), Piscine de l’Université de Nanterre (92)

All info on :

adult swimming lessons overcome fear of water Swim Stars

In 2018, 1 in 7 French people say they can’t swim or are aquaphobic.

4. La Camillienne

And it goes on, because the cultural, artistic and sports association “La Camillienne” proposes in turn many sports activities, including swimming lessons for aquaphobic adults in several Parisian swimming pools.

La Camillienne swimming lessons
– Master swimmer in the water
– Medical certificate required
– 45min class once a week

Where to find classes for adults

Jean Boiteaux pool (Paris 12)

All the information on the website of the association:

adult swimming lessons overcome fear of water Swim Stars

It is possible to overcome your fear of water, to remove blockages, and to be able to move without fatigue or panic, even where you have lost your footing!

5. Aquatic Gymnastics and Swimming Club (C.G.A.N)

Want to join a club? The “Aquatic Gymnastics and Swimming Club created in 1994 is perhaps made for you. Indeed, like the others, he offers swimming lessons for aquaphobic adults in 2 public swimming pools in Paris.

Where to find classes for adults

Jacqueline Auriol pool (Paris 8), Bertrand Dauvin pool (Paris 18)

More info on :

adult swimming lessons overcome fear of water Swim Stars

Swimming lessons to learn how to relax, float and control your body in the water, without stress, in a progressive and safe way.

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