Top 5 unusual activities in winter

20 November 2020

Unusual activities in winter: my pool is closed, so what?

Brrrr … Winter is coming, and to add to my misery,
almost all Swim Stars pools close during the vacations
. But how will I survive without my swimming lessons? So we found 5 unusual activities to do during the winter to remedy this!

Our 5 unusual activities in winter!

1. Diving under the ice

You won’t go scuba diving in the French overseas departments and territories for Christmas, so you can stay on the continent. Indeed, por a budget of about 80 euros, dive under the ice in water at two degrees with a perfectly waterproof suit protecting you from the cold, and observe magnificent plays of light if the sun is there.

The good addresses :

  • Tignes (lake)
  • Montriond (lake)
  • Vonnes (lake)
  • Robert (lake)
  • The ski resort of Les Angles
  • Piau Angaly (lake)
  • Genin (lake)
Unusual activities in winter


2. Bathing in thermal waters

Are you afraid of catching cold and prefer hot water? Bathe in the French thermal waters! Indeed, the temperature varies from 28 to 44 degrees! So it’s even better than the outdoor pools where you take your swimming lessons all winter long… It’s also almost always free.

So remember to bring your swimsuit!

The good addresses :

  • Map of Phazy, in Guillestre
  • The spring of the Bains Doux in Rennes-les-Bains
  • The hot springs of Prats-Balaguer
  • The Baths of Canaveilles
  • The Baths of Dorres (5 euros)
  • The hot spring of Mérens-les-Vals

3. Build an igloo in the garden

The snowman is a tradition, but building an igloo in the backyard is even better ! In fact, you can house your child’s favorite toys, like the last penguin from the advent calendar that he discovered in the first boxes.

4. Skating on a frozen lake

Would you like to be as graceful on the ice as you are in swimming? But don’t you just love the hustle and bustle of the public ice rink and all those minutes of spinning around?

Go to the Jura to skate in the fresh air!

To realize this romantic activity, However, it is essential that the ice is thick enough to cover the lake. Indeed, winter must be nice, cold and dry to avoid any accident! On the other hand, The tourist office recommends that you find out about local regulations for access to these natural ice rinks.

The good addresses :

  • The Abbey of Etival
  • Lamoura and Les Rousses
  • Genin in Charix
  • Malpas, from Saint-Point
  • Doubs in Villers-le-Lac.

5. Making homemade hot chocolate, the best unusual activity in winter to avoid catching cold

After so many emotions and freshness, back home under the comforter with a hot chocolate … But not just any hot chocolate, your hot chocolate!

Viennese chocolate, Italian chocolate, or hot chocolate with spread, Cosmopolitan magazine proposes 3 delicious recipes.

So, bring squares of dark chocolate, whole milk, cocoa powder, liquid fresh cream, confectioner’s sugar, sugar, a can of corn flower and spread. Hum!

Unusual activities in winter

The only unusual activity in winter to avoid catching cold

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