What are the advantages of home care?

24 September 2020

All the advantages of home care by EDUCAZEN

End of maternity leave? Back to school ? Need a more individualized childcare solution? Want to balance your professional and personal life? You’ve already thought about it but haven’t started yet? Here’s a little insight into the benefits of in-home childcare to help you take the plunge!

Thanks to home care, EDUCAZEN offers families an adapted solution that allows them to preserve the family balance.

Benefits for the respect of your child’s rhythm and well-being

If you already have full-time childcare or your children are in school, home-based childcare allows you toavoid imposing on them long days that are sometimes synonymous with noise, agitation and fatigue.

Part-time, extracurricular or full-time, individualized care helps respect the child’s rhythm (sleep, naps, playtime, mealtimes, etc.), so that the child can develop according to his or her own needs.

The child evolves in a known environment, with a person who knows his habits and can thus meet his various needs. Little by little, his nanny will be able to offer him activities that correspond perfectly to his interests while respecting your own educational principles.

the benefits of home care

End of maternity leave? Back to school ? Need a more individualized childcare solution? Want to balance your professional and personal life? The in-home care has many advantages.

For the little ones…

Home care by a nanny allows a secure individual relationship, necessary for their good



For older children…

Home care ensures the continuity of the emotional bond with the parents and thus allows for a more flexible approach to the week.

A smooth separation for parents and children

Despite a real desire to return to social life, returning to work can be a source of anxiety or guilt for parents, who sometimes have to leave their baby behind after several months at his side.

Don’t panic, in-home childcare allows you to face this change more serenely!

  • The parent, actor of the recruitment: EDUCAZEN offers you a solution from A to Z (from the recruitment of your nanny to the administrative procedures) and selects the best profiles for you. Then it is you who chooses THE person you trust to take over from you.
  • A service at the family’s home: no more morning errands, your nanny comes to you!
  • A framework defined by you : the schedules, the rhythm of life and the habits of the child are respected.
  • A smooth separation: it is up to you to define a period of adaptation and familiarization.

The advantages of in-home childcare: financial advantages as well…

For all home-based childcare of more than 16 hours per month, the CAF provides financial assistance for the care of children under 6 years old. Find the conditions of attribution on the CAF website.

If you have several children, home daycare allows you to reduce the costs incurred for extracurricular activities: no multiplication of daycare costs for your children but only one service.

In addition, in-home care, which is compatible with shared care, allows you to control costs because it is possible to split the costs with your co-family.

Your special back-to-school offer to make you take the plunge!

the benefits of in-home childcare

It’s time to take the plunge!

EDUCAZEN offers you the search fees and the management fees for any registration before 24/02/2021!

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