What are the anti-drowning tips for vacations and all year round?

9 September 2021

Accidental drownings: a summer scourge on the rise

The numbers are clear. After a wasted year of prevention, this summer was particularly dramatic in terms of drownings. The Drowning 2021 Survey by Santé Publique France reveals high figures for the summer 2021, with 1447 drownings recorded. Faced with this danger, the swimming school Swim Stars shares

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What are the main figures?

A total of 1,447 drownings occurred in France between June 1 and August 8, 2021, including 700 accidental drownings, of which 168 (24%) resulted in death. This phenomenon is explained by the lifting of sanitary restrictions, as well as a bad apprehension of the physical capacities of the bathers following a long period of successive confinements.

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Who is affected?

If we look at the number of accidental drownings in relation to the different age groups, children under the age of 6 are unfortunately the most affected with a total of 25% of drownings.

Drownings involve other age groups. In addition to youth, 163 people (23%) aged 65 and over suffered an accidental drowning. In this age group, the main cause is the lack of learning to swim; the study counts that 54% of them do not know how to swim.

What are the main causes of an increase in drownings?

  • The lack of prevention and learning due to the closure of swimming pools: 15,000 children and adults Swim Stars and about 800,000 schoolchildren and college students have not had access to swimming lessons because of health measures, so many people who could not learn to save themselves and swim
  • The lack of places in public pools and associations
  • Children do not start learning to swim at school until they are 6 years old, whereas a 3 year old can learn survival reflexes in case of a fall in the water

Which swimming areas are most at risk?

  • At sea: 46% of drownings, mainly among adults aged 20 to 64
  • Private or public swimming pools: they represent 28% of drownings and concern mostly children under 6 years old
  • Water bodies: 24% of drownings among adults aged 20 to 64

What anti-drowning tips to take with you everywhere?

  • Teach survival skills to children at an early age
  • There is no age to learn how to swim or to overcome
    to overcome your fear of water
  • We learn to swim and to be safe in the water all year round
  • Always bathe accompanied, especially when a child is present
  • Do not leave a child playing near the pool unsupervised
  • Teach children to dial the emergency number (15)
  • Explain that, although it is fun, playing drown is dangerous
  • Get into the water gradually, especially after long exposure to the sun
  • Favour supervised swimming areas
  • Respect the prohibited swimming areas
Anti-drowning tips Auto-rescue Swim Stars course

Learn survival reflexes with Auto rescue

Anti-drowning advice N°1 : you can learn survival reflexes from 3 years old !

Drowning is the first cause of death by accident of everyday life; 45% of drownings concern children under 6 years old and most of them take place in private swimming pools. That’s why Swim Stars has made safety its credo.

“We created the anti-drowning program


program, accessible to children as young as 3 years old, in order to teach them survival reflexes in case of a fall as well as the basics of swimming,” explains Olivier Chazot, founder of Swim Stars.

Indeed, Swim Stars swimming lessons aim at reducing the number of drownings in France.

We learn to swim and be safe in the water all year round! The Swim Stars national network of swim schools offers year-round lessons for all ages and levels. From baby swimmers as young as 6 months, to the AUTO-RESCUE® anti-drowning program for 3 year olds, to the Learn to swim program for 5 year olds, to the Perf classes for children and adults, as well as classes for aquaphobic adults and beginners. Purchase and reservation online in a few clicks.

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