When can I register for Swim Stars swimming lessons?

28 November 2019

Swimming lessons: when can I register?

In our school, you have no administrative constraints to start the Swim Stars swimming lessons. Unlike all sports associations, there is no need to wait for the start of the school year in September as we are always forming new groups!

The flexibility of Swim Stars swimming lessons

Since our swimming lessons are on demand and take place all year round, you decide to start learning to swim whenever you want.

Once you have enrolled your child, you can purchase the classes to book them immediately and make your schedule . You will have total flexibility to schedule the sessions at the time slots you want and in the pool of your choice (Swim Stars is a network of pools).
in the pool of your choice (Swim Stars is a network of pools).

As we encourage regularity in order to have successful results for the student, you will be invited to book sessions throughout the year for our subscribers.

You prefer to learn intensively and do an internship for example? With our course packs, book as you wish over a defined period. As the period is quite large, we leave you the possibility to book at least twice a month.

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