Avec les cours de natation pour adultes débutants de Swim Stars, vous pouvez apprendre dans un environnement sûr et favorable qui s'adapte à vos besoins. Développez vos compétences de base et gagnez en confiance dans l'eau !

Why it’s never too late to learn to swim

8 September 2023

Many people believe that swimming is a skill designed primarily for children. Yet at Swim Stars, we’re convinced that adulthood is also the right time to take the plunge. Here’s why it’s never too late to learn to swim as an adult.

1. The benefits of adult swimming

Learning to swim as an adult has unique advantages.

  • Maturity and patience

Thanks to their greater body awareness, adults can often progress at a faster pace than children.

  • Better stress management

Relaxing in the water is an effective way for adults to deal with everyday stress.


2. Adult swimming lessons at Swim Stars

At Swim Stars, we understand the needs of adults and have created adult swimming lessons specially designed for them.

  • Aquaphobia: conquering your fear of water

Designed for those who feel apprehensive or afraid of water, our aquaphobia courses help them overcome these fears and feel safe in the water. See the course

  • Beginner: becoming independent in the water

Whether you simply want to feel at ease in the water or learn the basics of swimming, our beginners’ courses are for you. See the course

  • Perf: improving and progressing

For those who are already comfortable in the water but want to refine their techniques or increase their endurance, our advanced courses are ideal. See the course


3. Deconstructing myths

It’s time to challenge some preconceived ideas about swimming and adulthood.

  • Physical flexibility

Children’s natural agility is certainly an asset, but many adults are able to balance in the water thanks to better musculature and stability.

  • Speed of learning

Thanks to their increased concentration, adults can learn to swim just as effectively as children.


Learning to swim for an adult is an exceptional experience offering multiple benefits. At Swim Stars, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Join us to discover the world of swimming adapted to your needs.

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