Why the AUTO-RESCUE® is complementary to the national “Aquatic Literacy” program

27 November 2019

AUTO-RESCUE® and the national “Aquatic Literacy” program are complementary

Our anti-drowning program AUTO-RESCUE® is complementary to the national program put in place by the government called
called “Aquatic Literacy”.

AUTO-RESCUE® by Swim Stars, a complementary program

Focus on the national “Learn to swim” program

Formula 1 : Acquisition of aquatic ease for children from 4 to 5 years old-

Formula 2 : Swimming lessons for children from 6 to 12 years old – Courses during school vacations, weekends or during extracurricular activities –

Group of 15 children maximum-

At the end of the course, the Sauv’nage test for 6 to 12 year olds only

Auto-Rescue®: a program for children from 3 years old.

Focus on Swim Stars’ Anti-Drowning andAUTO-RESCUE® programs

AUTO-RESCUE®, anti-drowning program from 3 years old

Know how to save yourself by integrating survival reflexes and the basics of swimming

LEARNING from 5 years old

Know how to swim safely, develop autonomy and swimming techniques

The advantages

– Groups of 5 students maximum

– Coach in the water

– Online purchase and reservation, throughout the network and until the last minute

As soon as the child is ready: passing of the AUTO-RESCUE® Test (swimming, floating, swimming, getting out of the water) and the ANTI-PANIC Test (knowing how to swim safely for 25m)

Swim Stars, the 1st network of swimming lessons so that everyone can be the master of their own safety in the water!

Swim Stars places water safety at the heart of all its actions by making it accessible, simple and fun.
This is why our school supports the Minister of Sport.

Swim Stars coaches offer quality swimming lessons for children (from 6 months) and adults, in small groups and everywhere in France. To date, the network has 24 pools in Paris, Nantes and Bordeaux, with more to come.

Other Swim Stars programs

Baby swimmer : awakening and familiarization with water from 6 months

Perf Enfant : learning the 4 strokes

Adult Aquaphobia: adult classes to overcome fear of water

Adult learning: adult courses to learn to be independent

Perf adult: adult courses to deepen your knowledge

Learn more about the department’s national plan.

How to use the Water Comfort Plan ?

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