World Water Safety Day: a first in France!

9 December 2019

World Water Safety Day in France!

For World Water Safety Day, our priority is to raise awareness about the risk of drowning. Indeed, the importance of training in the aquatic environment is paramount for safety, especially among the youngest.

Because learning to swim is essential

In France, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 4 years. Yet, Knowing how to save yourself and how to swim safely can be learned from a young age and throughout the year. So our duty is to concentrate all our efforts on the public where the risks are the highest. Thus, the best time for this type of awareness is the day before the summer school vacations. Because it is often synonymous with travel and swimming.

Our World Day is about all aquatic environments such as swimming pools, the sea, rivers and lakes. Because danger can be everywhere! It could be the absence of a safety fence around the pool; unfavorable weather conditions for swimming in the sea; or dangerous currents in the river.

To keep everyone safe in the water

The Pat’Patrouille, the big stars of this first edition

So in 2019, Swim Stars, SwimWays and the Pat’ Patrol have pooled their expertise in the service of water safety by offering a day of education and awareness of best practices. Thus, the 1st World Water Safety Day in France was born.

children pat'patrol Swim Stars water safety

The Pat’ Patrouille adventurers on a mission for water safety! @laviedetatacarine @lalottes

This prevention day took place in all the pools of the Swim Stars network. The Pat’ Patrouille rescue puppies made a surprise arrival at the 4* Oceania hotel-spa in Paris-Porte de Versailles, one of the network’s swimming pools. The goal is to make this moment even more fun and magical for the students and to convey their good water safety tips.

Swim, float, swim, get out of the water

Children were able to take advantage of the hotel’s heated pool for their AUTO-RESCUE® swimming lessons (from age 3) and Apprentissage® swimming lessons (from age 5), given all year round by Swim Stars.

Thus, these sessions were an opportunity to remind the importance of learning swimming and survival reflexes from a very young age. Because it is fundamental to reduce the risk of drowning, which is particularly high in the summer.

The S.A.F.E. Water Safety Prevention Program with our mascot Poulpy!

Under the watchful eye of the Pat’ Patrol, the students were introduced to the

water safety prevention program S.A.F.E.

(Safety, Learning, Training, Environment) program to make them aware of the risks associated with water. And this is Poulpy! Our favorite mascot who teaches us to be safe!

World Water Safety Day

World Water Safety Day: Educational leaders and Poulpy presented the SAFE drowning prevention program to children

Distributed free of charge to schools and children’s associations
It aims to educate families in the right active and passive safety actions. Like not swimming without an adult; knowing how to call for help; assessing the dangers in the environment; learning survival reflexes in case of a fall in the water…

Learn more about the S.A.F.E. prevention program developed by Swim Stars

quote-water safety Swim Stars

water safety quote Swim Stars
quote Swim Stars water safety

World Safety Day: find all the safety tips to download


SwimWays and Swim Stars will continue to work daily to promote water safety and develop survival skills to make water a great experience for everyone!

World Water Safety Day to raise awareness of the importance of learning to swim and teach water survival skills

First World Water Safety Day in the United States in 2012

In 2012,
USA Swimming Foundation


(our event partner) launched “Learn to swim day” in the United States for children and parents. Indeed, the mission is to educate children and parents about water safety and the importance of learning to swim.

Learn more about water safety

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