4 reasons to choose a small pool to learn to swim faster

19 April 2021

Learn to swim faster: 4 reasons to choose the small pool

To learn gently, without skipping steps, don’t neglect the training pool or the “little bath”.

Okay, that’s right, because you’re in charge of watching your kids, you’re on foot and have to give up swimming today. But the water is so hot… Your kids love it and so do you, admit it!
A winter day is not negligible.

To tell you the truth, we believe that swimming in a small pool is beneficial for being comfortable in the water and learning to swim for 4 major reasons.

Our 4 reasons to choose the learning pool for children …

1) Reduces the risk of anxiety for fearful swimmers

2) Is the assurance of not being distracted by what is going on around you

3) Protects the ears from noise that can irritate children

4) Allows you to cover mini-distances and

gain self-confidence

This is how we prefer to teach our swimming lessons, by being in the water with you, as close as possible to accompany you and help you progress .

… And the adults? Small bath or big bath?

Discover the advice of Guillaume Palmade, swimming instructor and aquaphobia specialist for adults.
The lifeguard explains on his blog “

my first steps in the small bath

“why it is important for an adult to learn to swim

to learn to swim in a big bath!

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