Salon de la Franchise 2023: Swim Stars an entrepreneurial opportunity

23 March 2023

We were present throughout the Franchise Exhibition, which took place from March 19 to 23 in Paris, to discuss our innovative concept and to answer any questions you may have. We will introduce you to Swim Stars and show you why joining our franchise can be an exciting business opportunity.

Who is Swim Stars?

The number of drownings continues to increase every year in France, and water safety has become a real public health issue.
Swim Stars
is a company that strives to reduce the number of drownings in France. We believe that swimming is a vital skill that everyone should have, and that it should start at a young age. This is why Swim Stars offers a unique and innovative method of learning to swim for children and adults.

2023 Franchise Exhibition

The 2023 Franchise Expo is an event designed to give people the opportunity to explore the potential of franchising and connect with entrepreneurs who are running existing businesses. It allows potential franchisees to learn more and ask questions in a friendly and relaxed environment. Experts were present to provide advice on investing in a franchise or marketing advice. The 2023 Franchise Expo brings all of these resources together under one roof for everyone’s convenience.

At the Franchise Show, our team was able to share our innovative concept and answer any questions you may have. This means that we offer exciting entrepreneurial opportunities for people who want to dedicate themselves to promoting water safety. When you join our franchise, you can be sure that you are working with a serious and committed company that has a solid experience in the swimming industry.

Why join the Swim Stars network?

  • Benefit from a strong and recognized brand image
  • Start your business with a low initial investment
  • Daily support throughout the adventure

We have a comprehensive support system in place for our franchisees to ensure they have all the skills and knowledge they need to run a successful business.

Go behind the scenes at Swim Stars and meet the teams that make our swim lessons so successful.

  • Contact and telephone appointment: let’s talk about your desires and market opportunities
  • Observation day: discover how the business works and talk with the teams
  • Full week of training: learn all the ins and outs of developing your franchise
  • Launching your franchise: open your pool in the best conditions and with serenity

They talk about their Swim Stars adventure

Take advantage of a support from A to Z, from the choice of your pool to the use of technological tools and develop your swimming school activity in the best conditions.

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By joining the Swim Stars franchise, you can be confident that you are on the right track to providing a vital service to your community. We are a passionate franchise that is committed to promoting water safety, while providing entrepreneurial opportunities for those who wish to pursue this path. Are you an entrepreneur, a lifeguard, a swimming pool owner or even all of the above? Don’t hesitate and join our franchise !

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