À quoi s'attendre à Bordeaux et pourquoi cela vaut la peine d'être visité ? 
Bordeaux est une ville dynamique qui n'a pas fini de surprendre. En plus de son architecture et de son vin célèbres dans le monde entier, la scène sportive de Bordeaux est en plein essor. - Swim Stars

Summer sports in Bordeaux – must-do activities for visitors and residents alike

26 June 2023

As the scorching summer sun beats down on Bordeaux, it can be difficult to enjoy your free time while staying cool. But don’t worry, there are plenty of outdoor sporting activities to keep you active and having fun! From sailing on the Mediterranean to kayaking in the Gironde estuary, Bordeaux has something to offer visitors and residents looking for an exciting way to get out and about during these hot months. This blog post explores some of the best summer sports in Bordeaux that offer an ideal way to connect with nature – while enjoying the local landscape. Whether you’re new to this sunny city or a long-time resident looking for ways to make the most of your summer days, read on and discover how outdoor activities can become part of your routine!

What to expect in Bordeaux and why is it worth a visit?

Bordeaux is a dynamic city that never ceases to surprise. In addition to its world-famous architecture and wine, Bordeaux’s sports scene is booming. With a variety of sports from soccer to water sports, there’s something for everyone. The Matmut Atlantique stadium, home to the Girondins de Bordeaux soccer team, is a must-see for sports fans. The town also hosts numerous sporting events throughout the year, such as the Quiksilver/Roxy surfing competition on Lacanau beach and the Bordeaux-Paris cycle race. If you’re a sports enthusiast or just looking for a fun activity, don’t miss Bordeaux’s thriving sports scene. Definitely worth a visit!

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Where to swim in Bordeaux this summer?

Summer sports in Bordeaux offer a variety of options for swimming enthusiasts and Swim Stars is one of the most reliable choices for
adult swimming lessons
. With courses to suit all levels, even aquaphobes can overcome their fear of water and discover the joys of the pool. Swim Stars pools are located in various parts of Bordeaux, including Léognan, Mérignac, Pessac, Saint-Jean, Artigues-près-Bordeaux and Le Bouscat. With so many location options, it’s easy to find a pool near you. Whether you’re looking to learn to swim or perfect your technique, Swim Stars is the ideal choice for summer sports in Bordeaux.

Discover the beach volleyball possibilities in Bordeaux

If you’re looking to try an exciting new sporting activity this summer, look no further than beach volleyball in Bordeaux! With numerous beaches within easy reach of the town, you can easily find a place to practice your volleyball game. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, there’s something for every level of experience. Beach volleyball improves coordination, physical strength and even teamwork skills. With a network of passionate players and regular organized tournaments, joining a beach volleyball team in Bordeaux can also be a great way to meet new people and make friends. So put your hairpin back, put on your beach shoes and come try out this fun and challenging sport!

Play an intense game of tennis or Frisbee

Summer sports are very popular in Bordeaux, and there are plenty of options for getting active in the great outdoors. Local tennis courts offer the opportunity to play an intense game with friends or in competition. The sunshine and fresh air will give you renewed energy to play your best game. What’s more, why not take a change of pace and try your hand at Frisbee hippie style? It’s a fun activity to share with your friends for a day of fun. Whatever the case, these two options will satisfy the most demanding sportsmen and women, as well as those who want to spend a good time outdoors, while getting physically active.

Stand up paddle boarding in Bordeaux

If you’re looking for a unique outdoor experience in Bordeaux, stand-up paddle boarding could be the answer. This sporty activity is ideal for exploring the region’s lakes and rivers while enjoying a fun physical activity. Gliding on the water, you can discover the natural beauty of the surrounding area while immersed in a peaceful setting. Stand-up paddle boarding is an activity accessible to all levels, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. You can rent a board and enjoy a relaxing day at one of Bordeaux’s many stand-up paddle board locations. So why not venture out on one of Bordeaux’s rivers or lakes for your next outdoor getaway?

Summer sports in Bordeaux are a must. Whether it’s playing beach volleyball, tennis or Frisbee with friends, taking advantage of the city’s pools to relax, or taking a unique stand-up paddle board excursion, there are plenty of activities on offer for those looking for outdoor pursuits this season. Until then, make the most of Bordeaux’s balmy days and soak up the culture and beauty it has to offer. But don’t forget, when you’re ready to get in the water, book our
swimming lessons for adults
Swim Stars so you don’t miss out! Discover these and many other activities that will make your stay in Bordeaux unforgettable. With so many activities available, summer sports in Bordeaux can give you memories to last a lifetime.

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